Be Aware of Fragmented Reading

Topic from how We Read Close, hyper, Machine written by N. Katherine hayles, I read this article at the very beginning of this academic year.



Photo by Ksayer1

Fast-speed flooding information has drawn all our attention from traditional reading style. We are gradually accepting knowledge from fragmented reading, which comes along with truth and lies mixing inside. Reader’s brain is helpless in this situation, when it only has several minutes to think about this piece of message, then the eyes will move on to next ridiculous anecdote, and the reader leaves a comment or simply clicks a “like”.

Although I do spend a lot of time reading, from scholar paper, Quora, Zhihu, mainstream media, links shared in social media. But Sometimes I even wonder if I read fewer books than in primary school. At that time the only possible way to get knowledge is reading books, and I was eager to borrow all the books from library. Once I finished reading a book right in 1 hour and returned the book on the same day, which made the librarian unpleasant. Because in reader’s borrowing record brochure there were only blanks for date and usually there wouldn’t be two records under one date.

Therefore, one problem with reading is that people are becoming lazy in finding reading materials. More accessible, more possible to get audience to read it. Compared with all types of text available online, book has become far away from easy accessible. I have both library reader cards in my hometown and in Shanghai, where I studied for 5 years. And I really love the idea of connecting several library’s information systems together and allowing readers to borrow from any library, and return it in the nearest one.

When I really recognise a book’s value, I will prefer to buy one that physically exists instead of borrowing or purchasing a digital version online. Its smell of ink and paper, the feeling of touching its brand-new page are so unique. Digital copy won’t give such an experience.

Be aware of fragmented reading, and save time to read more books.