Updates about my research and personal project

It has been a long time since the last time I updated this website, because I moved from Ireland back to China, staying one month in Shanghai and then came to Guangzhou for an internship in a game company.

My recent research interest is about gamification and design a game based on the background story of Yin Shang and the precious, cute and vivid Oracle Bone Scripts ( called Jiaguwen in Chinese). I spent time reading books, got some knowledge in the discovery of it, in the culture and daily life of Shang people, in sorts of guessings about the real meaning of a certain character in Oracle Bone Scripts.

I also absorbed a lot inspirations from documentations, books, shape of scripts curved on bones, natural scenes. It’s going to be really fun if I could take them all from thoughts into reality, which I’m managing to do.

Concept drawing :

concept drawing

game concept

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