Digital Art Project: Endless Exhibition

Endless Exhibition from baixuanwang on Vimeo.

This is an interactive exhibition created in Unity, a collection my photography and watercolor works, expressing my thinking about how daily life is converted into art.

There is a title scene with a rotating planet to begin with. Then the visitor will be dropped into a virtual world with pine trees, a river running through hills, where he needs to walk all the way down to step onto a transmission platform on the other side of a bridge. It brings him in front of a stone gate. The inspiration of creating such kind of stone gate model is from some historical sites in Ireland.

The exhibition consists of two parts, grouped in inner and outer rings. They are arranged in an order related with the emotional connection with me. The building is designed to be a distorted ring, so that the visitor could be dropped from any point to start the endless walking, but need to cross the wall of the exhibition hall to leave. He can walk up and down without noticing the concept of flour.

The inner circle is all about the afterglow of sunset from the same angle of a state-owned steel maker, headquartered in Anshan, China. I grew up in this city with the impression of living inside an industrial center. The photos were taken between 2013 and 2016, capturing the diverse beauty of the same scene. It reminds me to consider altering the observation on daily life, and convert that into art.


The outer ring contains a selection of my favorite themes, including landscape, sketch of plant and styled resident buildings. I have a strong interest to convert those into paintings, so they are grouped by themes instead of geographical locations. As a visitor walks near an art work, the message board on the top will display corresponding description.

The main challenge in this project is to create enough models as I desire in the plan. I designed four scenes for the interactive exhibition. To create the planet, I started with a geo-sphere, and disable the smooth setting to achieve the low poly effect. The inspiration is from some C4D modelling tutorials on YouTube. Then in the second scene I built typical Irish walls and a gate, the inspiration is from photos took by myself and from the internet. The third scene is done by pushing a surface up and down to make hills and space for river. Animation is added to enhance interactivity, such as opening gate, rotation and floating platform. At the end, after checking out every corner in the gallery, the visitor can jump across (press SPACE) the outer ring to leave there by gravity.

Techniques used in the project:

– Watercolor

– Photography

– Modelling in low poly style, UV wrap, normal map

– Basic scripting in C#

– Video editing


More detailed to check out in the application.

Download the application for Windows here:

Music Credits to:
1 “Sewer Soundscape, A.wav” by InspectorJ of
The sounds were recorded using a “H1 Zoom V2 recorder
2 “wind.wav” by ERH of
3 “Ambient1.wav” by phobosxc of